The following baskets are available to post from France. Please email your requirements and we will give you a price for postage as costs vary can vary depending on weight and size of basket. The costs are reduced proportionately if you require 2 or 3 baskets which can be packed together and posted for the same price as one. Payments can be made by direct bank transfer, details on request. As we use a variety of willows colours can vary from images on the website. If you have a special request for colour please let us know when you order.

All sizes are approximate to the nearest 1”.

Alongside our range of stock baskets we always have many other sizes and shapes available. We also work to customer specification to produce bespoke baskets. Do contact us if you have a special requirement.

Aylsham Shopper

Stylish shopper with north to south handle.  Practical and attractive.

14”x10.5”x10” high


Market Shopper

Very traditional shaped arm basket.  Robust and functional for those trips to the local shops or farmer’s markets.

16”x12”x8” high


Vegetable Gatherer

Our most popular garden basket.  We’ve made this style basket since 1985 and it has remained out best seller.  Great for vegetable collecting and garden tools.

20”x14”x 6.5” high


Pottager’s Trug

I designed this basket many years ago and the shape still remains pleasing.  An elegant and versatile garden trug.  Use for vegetables, flowers or tools.

26.5”x12”x7” high


Large Garden Basket

A much bigger version of the Vegetable Gatherer.  For the serious producer with a passion for vegetables.  Our own design, much imitated, never bettered.

27”x16”x8” high


Asparagus Basket/Rectanglular Shopper

Traditional Norfolk basket learnt many years ago on my apprenticeship.  Sturdy shopper which will give many years service.

16.5” x 11.5” x 7” high


Bread/Fruit Basket

3 different sizes of this lovely simple shape.  Store your 5 a day with style.

Small 11“ dia x 4“ high – £25.00
Medium 13” dia x 4” high – £35.00
Large 15” dia x 4” high – £45.00


Wet Linen Basket

Another traditional basket, made for many years throughout Britain.  Have a look in old photographs, this design is as British as tea and scones – great for taking washing from machine to line.

26”x19”x10” high


Peg Basket

Traditional picking basket, we use ours for pegs and blackberrying.

9.5” dia x 6.5” high


Berry Basket

Beautiful design with plaited handles and fine willows.  Good for plum/sloe pickingor just hang in the kitchen and enjoy the shape.

7.5“dia x 9.5 “ high


Bike Basket

Traditional “D” shaped bike basket.  Fits almost any bike and great for a trip to the market.  Strong leather straps and made from very stout willows.

16.5” x 12”  x  9.5” high


Round Straight Up Log Basket

Deep and straight this design has become a real winner, fits well into a space where the more traditional round skep might not work.

Small 17” dia x 17 ” high – £55.00
Medium 19” dia x 19” high – £75.00
Large 21″ dia ” x 21” high – £120.00


Provencal Cheese /Bread Tray

A design brought back from our regular visits to the basket festival in Provence.  Great for cheese, grapes, walnuts

10” x 15.5”
(Single or twin handles)


Round Log Skeps

One of the first baskets I learned on my apprenticeship.  Originally used for cattle feed these Norfolk skeps are now almost exclusively used for logs.  If you burn logs buy a basket made to last, a joy to use.

Small 17” dia x 12” high – £45.00
Medium 20” dia x 15” high – £60.00
Large 23” dia x 17” high – £85.00


Oval Log Basket

These are our best selling log basket, practical and like all our log baskets made to last.

Small 21”x16”x13.5” high – £55.00
Medium 24”x18”x16” high – £75.00
Large 26”x19”x17.5” high – £120.00


Rectangular Log/Toy Basket

Made for logs but many customers use for toys, boots or general storage.  Handle holes for carrying.  Very strong.

Small 22”x15”x14” high – £65.00
Medium 26”x19”x16” high – £90.00
Large 29”x 22”x18” high – £150.00

These are available as Trunks with lids and leather straps:
Small – £120.00
Medium – £170.00
Large – £225.00



My favourite basket made originally in the Dordogne for gathering potatoes.  I learnt this from a French Master of the technique and we use ours for trips to the Farmer’s Market and just to show off!

These are only available to buy from our Specials Page as each basket is unique.  We measure them when finished and price them individually by size. Please see the latest selection we have to offer on the Specials Page



Catalonian Tension Tray

3 sizes of this classic Spanish design taught to us by a highly respected Catalonian Master Craftsman.  We use ours for fruit, toast, bread, all sorts.  A versatile basket and lovely hung in kitchen when not in use.

Small 10” diameter – £20.00
Medium 12” diameter – £25.00
Large 14” diameter – £30.00


Flower Basket

A very useful basket for all garden work, made as a flower gatherer but strong enough for vegetables or tools

Small 17” x 11.5” x 4” high in middle – £40.00
Large 20” x 13.5” x 4” high in middle – £55.00


Shoulder/Foraging Basket

My own design for which we reserve our finest willows.   This basket is truly unique, we hand stitch (instead of rivet) the leather straps for extra strength.  Great for a trip to the market or foraging for wild fruits in the autumn.  All baskets are slightly different in colour and shape.

10” high 10”x 5” at the top


walnut basket

French Walnut Basket

Two sizes for this practical little basket.  We use ours for the walnuts we gather from the trees near our willow bed.  Twin handles and lovely coloured willows.

Small 8.5″ (at top) x 4.5″ high – £35.00                                          Large 9.5″ (at top) x 5.5″ high – £45.00


Cran Style Basket

Modelled on the old Norfolk Herring Cran this open style basket is very pleasing to look at.  Using our thickest willows this basket is made for heavy work.

15” high 21” dia at top


Rectangular Arm Basket

Robust garden or market basket.  Lovely shape and very comfy to use.

18.5″ x 9.5″ x 6″ high


Plaited Bread/Fruit Basket

Practical and colourful fruit or bread baskets.  Three sizes made from striking colourful willows.

Small 13″ x 2″      – £30.00

Medium 14″ x 2″  – £34.00

Large 15″ x 2″     – £38.00



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