As well as my weekend courses I also offer more intensive one to one training either in the form of one off days or vocational courses. I can tailor these courses to suit individual needs. These generally take place in my workshop. If you are interested in any of the following please contact me for further information.

Training Courses


One to One Days
Tailor made days in my workshop working on your choice of basket. Suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced makers


Vocational Courses – “Apprentice”

I have developed a programme of work which covers a comprehensive range of traditional baskets and techniques. These courses are suitable for people considering basket making as a profession. All of these vocational courses take place in my workshop. They are suitable for people with varying levels of skill and experience and can be taken as one off courses or sequentially to build up a solid grounding in traditional English basket making technique. Past experience shows that one or two day sessions undertaken over a year or more are most beneficial as the apprentice, if able to practice in between, can assimilate techniques covered. I ask all apprentices to return with work completed at home to assess here before we move on. Briefly these sessions cover:

Beginner/Intermediate – Round Work
Log baskets , Ali Babas, Pecks, Kibseys, Tub chairs, Pet baskets, Shoppers. Wastepaper basket, Covent Garden Sieve.

Intermediate – Oval Work
Garden baskets, Wet linens, Dog baskets, Cribs, Frame baskets, Shoppers, Oval log basket.

Intermediate/Advanced – Square Work
Butchers/Bakers Trade baskets, Linen basket, Kitchen baskets, Flower Gatherer, Log/ Toy basket, Open picnic, Bottle basket, Letter Tray.

Advanced 4 – Odd Shapes/ Triangular/ D shape etc
Eel Traps, Fitched Cran Type Basket, Hamper, Triangular Linen basket, Twin Lidded Picnic Basket, Lids, Handles, Partitions, Fishing Creel, Large Trunk, etc. Bike basket, (D shape and square), Duck Nester, etc.

I hope some of these Courses may appeal to you, all of them can be arranged to suit your time and mine. If you are interested in any of the above please contact me to discuss possible dates and costs. I stick to the Basketmakers Association Tutors Day Rate and also their mileage rate (when travelling to alternative venues) and where applicable, I charge a preparation fee, (usually only on group courses for selecting and soaking large quantities of willow).

Please contact me by phone or email for further information.

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