Got the willows cut early this season, all done by January, thanks to some help from our friend, basket student and neighbour Fabrice Serafino.  Fabrice is planting his own bed here in the Dordogne this year and swapped time for cuttings, so a great way for him to get started and for us to ease our aching backs!!

A good crop considering it is only the second year and plenty of colourful and fine willows we can use in the coming year.  Looking forward to seeing how the Helix dries, very prolific and currently my favourite willow.  We will be planting up another small area with other favourites in a few weeks and helping Fabrice to plant up his new bed.  Once the willows are semi-dry we will be storing them in an open area above our Gite so that the wind can get to them and continue the drying process.

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